About us 

Company DESIGN V PRIEMYSLE, Ltd. started an activity in the year 2007 as successor of the company DESIGN PRE PRIEMYSEL, which was established in 1998. Our purpose is to provide complex service for customers by developing of products.

We implement projects in following phases:

   •  concept and draft ideas, 
   •  model studies, 
   •  design, construction documentation, computing and computer aided    simulations 
   •  support and organizing of prototype production, the testing and    certification,
   •  support documentation (spare parts catalogue, manual instructions....)
   •  production the prototype parts and molds 

The approach of the company DESIGN V PRIEMYSLE includes the integration of modern aesthetic trends and up-to-date technologies, and the usage of the latest materials and processing methods.

Projects, realised by the company DESIGN V PRIEMYSLE highly satisfy aesthetic, ergonomic and utility-functional demands of the user. Project works and model studies are carried out by a team of skilled project engineers and designers in 2D and 3D CAD systems VariCAD, Pro/ENGINEER.


1) Development and elaboration of construction documentation for  engineering products: 

     rail construction machines and devices
   •  road construction machines and tractors
     mobile road machines
     forestry machines and devices

2) Comercial activity